Missouri Doctors Say Suicides Are on the Rise in Rural Habitats

Many individuals, particularly in rural habitats, are battling issues with mental health. Since 2015, suicide rates have reached unbelievable numbers.

“In Missouri, the average is even higher than the national average,” stated Dr. Angeline Stanislaus, a psychiatrist, and chief medical officer for the Missouri Department of Mental Health. “The national average is about every 14 die of suicide for each 100,000, and Missouri is close to 18 for every 100,000.”

However, what’s even more surprising, are the suicide rates in rural areas. She said a lot of the areas impacted are usually in the Ozark and Boothill.

Based on the numbers, suicide rates have largely elevated, particularly in white males between the ages of 40-65.

Various aspects result in an individual dealing with different mental health issues.

There have been a lot of factors that contributed to Jason’s (one of the villagers) battle with mental health.

He found himself dealing with financial crises, a demanding work schedule, and dealing with problems that had been out of his control.

He was reaching out to family members and friends. His spouse, kids, and online assist groups helped him get over the bump.

He mentioned his job as a pharmacist allowed him to satisfy and socialize with people, too, additionally serving to him throughout times he could have felt somewhat remoted.

While many individuals don’t love to talk in regards to the mental health epidemic, Jason wished to be a voice because he nurtures a unique perspective.