U.S. Central Court to Hear Obamacare Birth Control Case

The U.S. Supreme Court Friday took up an appeal by Prez Trump’s administration seeking to enforce new federal guidelines permitting employers to obtain religious exceptions from an Obamacare requirement that health insurance that they provide to workers pays for women’s contraception.

A problem is a challenge by the states of Pennsylvania and NJ to the administration’s 2018 guidelines that permit broad religious and ethical exceptions to the Affordable Care Act’s birth control order and expands accommodations already allowed under the 2010 regulation called Obamacare.

The Trump government has asked the Supreme Court to reverse a nationwide injunction issued by a lower court obstructing the rule from taking effect.

The Little Sisters of the Poor joined the administration, a Roman Catholic order of nuns that is one of the teams looking for an exemption for its employees. However, the group doesn’t at the moment need to comply with the Obamacare order on account of a separate Colorado court judgment in its favor.

Depositions, in the case before the high court, which has a 5-4 conservative majority including two justices appointed by Trump, are likely to be in April with a judgment due by the end of June.

Mark Rienzi, a lawyer at the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty, which represents the Little Sisters, stated he was hopeful the Supreme Court would resolve the protracted litigation over spiritual nonprofit groups, which had already knocked on the doors of the Supreme Court once in 2016.