Government Opens Inquiry into Alexander Lewis-Ranwell Triple Murder

The Government has confirmed an unbiased expert will lead a probe into mental health services in Devon after a neurotic schizophrenic killed three men in Exeter.

An investigation into the Devon Partnership NHS Trust finds whether or not or not any defects led to the deaths of twins Roger and Richard Carter and Anthony Payne, who were mercilessly killed by Alexander Lewis-Ranwell in Exeter in 2019.

Lewis-Ranwell, who was considered delusional at the time of the murders, was found not guilty of their killings because of insanity.

And, in a letter to Exeter’s Labour MP Ben Bradshaw, authorities have confirmed that a “multi-agency probe” has been commissioned.

Bradshaw, who wrote to health secretary Matt Hancock and home secretary Priti Patel in regards to the matter, has responded to his letter.

In it, Nadine Dorries, parliamentary under secretary of state for health, stated the agencies involved “understood the seriousness of this incident” and that they are “taking applicable steps to make sure that lessons are learned”.

She stated: “All of the agencies involved with the incident have expressed their regret at the brutal killings of three innocent individuals and confirmed their commitment to learning lessons to alleviate the risk of such a tragedy happening again.

There are already talks between the relevant groups in Devon on planning a multi-agency probe.

Dorries mentioned that investment in mental health service in Devon had elevated lately, which included the new Psychiatric Intensive Care Unit in Exeter to which Lewis-Ranwell was admitted after his third arrest.

She further mentioned considering the seriousness of the case, an independent mental health murder review will take place.