Drug Manufacturers Brace up for Coronavirus Vaccine Race

Drug making companies racing to find a vaccine or efficient remedy for the deadly new coronavirus in China cautioned that they’ve a long way to go.

Drug Manufacturers Brace up for Coronavirus Vaccine Race

That runs against reports of a supposed “discovery” that Wednesday boosted financial markets and encouraged optimism not necessarily supported by reality.

At least a dozen drug-making companies are engaged in vaccines or antivirals and other therapies to assist those infected with the fast-spreading virus.

Funding costs for vaccines could run up to $800 million in a process that, even when accelerated, will likely take over a year until clearance, in accordance with executives from firms involved in the effort.

Coronavirus, which emerged late in December in China, has killed nearly 500 individuals and exhibits no sign of abating, with thousands of latest cases reported every day, mostly in China’s Hubei province. However, its spread to some 27 nations and areas has raised a global alarm.

To be sure, firms developing remedies for patients who’re already sick may be able to get a drug licensed sooner than a vaccine that may be given to healthy people. Even so, logistical and regulatory challenges remain, in accordance with two officials at Gilead Sciences, which is working on an experimental antiviral treatment.

Medical trials for remedies might be smaller and of shorter duration than for vaccines, Parsey acknowledged.

Challenges in ensuring therapies are efficient and then scaling up production nonetheless remain. Gilead has solely a limited supply of its remdesivir, which will be examined against the novel coronavirus after previously failing in tests as a treatment for Ebola.