IAEA Sending First Batch of COVID-19 Testing Kit to 40 Countries

The U.N. atomic agency is shipping an initial batch of equipment to about 40 nations with which they will be capable of performing an ordinary test for the coronavirus involving a technique derived from nuclear science, it stated Wednesday.

IAEA Sending First Batch of COVID-19 Testing Kit to 40 Countries

The technique, real-time reverse transcription-polymerase chain react or real-time RT-PCR, is usually utilized in developed nations to tell whether somebody is infected. It detects the coronavirus’s RNA, its genetic fingerprint, on a swab sample.

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) is thought for its nuclear inspection work in countries like Iran. Still, it also has a mandate to help nations use nuclear expertise for peaceful functions. It has obtained requests for assistance with coronavirus testing from 90 member states.

The initial batch is a part of a more comprehensive program funded from the IAEA’s budget and further contributions from member states including $6 million from the USA, which has come under fire for its own deployment of testing, and 5 million Canadian dollars ($3.52 million) from Ottawa.

The pandemic has overrun medical systems in a few of the world’s most advanced nations, and testing is vital to measuring, locating, and containing pandemic.

Iran, Egypt, Kenya, Nigeria, Thailand, Peru, Cuba, Vietnam, and Uruguay are among the larger and technologically superior nations that will receive the first batch of apparatus, worth around $4.37 million.

Recipients in Latin America include Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Guatemala, Honduras, and Paraguay. In Asia, Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia, Mongolia, Myanmar, Nepal, the Philippines and Sri Lanka are among them.