Mental Health Providers Evolving Their Services During COVID-19 Pandemic

Since Mind Springs Health clinician Katie Hundertmark began responding to psychological health-related emergency calls with area law enforcement agencies last summer, she’s aimed to connect with a broader scope of locals in need and to assist in changing the way mental health challenges are both considered and approached community-wide.

Mental Health Providers Evolving Their Services During COVID-19 Pandemic

Months later, amid the COVID-19 crisis, Hundertmark stated that mission hasn’t waivered although it’s being carried out a little in another way.

Hundertmark is the only co-responder or authorized mental health clinician with the Pitkin Area Co-Responder Team (PACT). The comparatively new county program kicked off last June and permitted mental health professionals like Hundertmark to help and reply with Aspen, Pitkin County and Snowmass regulation enforcement to calls the place psychological health challenges could exist

Since the impacts of and response to the COVID-19 pandemic ramped up in the Roaring Fork Valley earlier this month, Hundertmark stated the PACT program has taken a more digital method, with her often responding to the scene of mental health-related emergency calls through FaceTime versus using along in-person.

Over the past few weeks, Hundertmark stated she hadn’t noticed any critical or significant detrimental mental health traits related to the coronavirus pandemic yet. However, she did say she is constant to reach out to more at-risk locals and clients, encouraging them to concentrate on what they can control and to maintain as a connection with others as possible.