Pentagon to Provide 100,000 Body Bag in Coronvirus Pandemic

The Pentagon is seeking to provide as much as 100,000 body bags to be used by civilian authorities as the coronavirus pandemic worsens in the U.S. with a high death tally anticipated in the coming weeks.

Pentagon to Provide 100,000 Body Bag in Coronvirus Pandemic

The Federal Emergency Management Agency has requested 100,000 such bags to the U.S. Division of Defense, a Pentagon official said Wednesday.

The Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) is working with the current contractor on further capacity, the official stated.

The initial delivery will come from DLA stocks as the contractor boosts manufacturing, based on the official, who spoke on condition of anonymity. The DLA doesn’t yet have a specific delivery date request from FEMA; however, the agency needs the bags as soon as they’re ready.

A FEMA spokesman stated that the agency was making prudent plans for future needs, which included preparations for mortuary contingencies from U.S. states.

The Troop Support unit of DLA is liable for managing the Pentagon’s stockpile of the green nylon, 94-inch by 38-inch body bags, that are usually utilized in war zones.

This comes as the U.S. is witnessing an increasing number of deaths from the coronavirus pandemic, with a tally showing over 4,500 deaths and over 200,000 infections in the nation.

President Trump and his prime healthcare advisers urged Individuals to follow strict social distancing directives forward of a “difficult two weeks” that might see at least 100,000 deaths from the coronavirus.