Coronavirus Infects Over One Million People Worldwide

Global coronavirus cases exceeded1 million Thursday with over 52,000 deaths as the pandemic further exploded in the U.S. and the death toll spiked in Spain and Italy, based on a tally of official data.

Coronavirus Infects Over One Million People Worldwide

Italy had the most deaths, over 13,900, followed by Spain. The U.S. had the most confirmed cases of any country – over 240,000 – the data confirmed.

Since the first COVID-19 case was recorded in China late last year, the pandemic has spread all over the world, prompting governments to shut businesses, ground airways and order millions of people to stay at home to attempt to contain the contagion.

Amid unparalleled government steps to prop up economies battered by the pandemic, U.S. weekly unemployment claims leaped to a record 6.6 million, double the record from the earlier week. That reinforced economists’ views that the most extended employment boom in U.S. history most likely ended in March and that claims had been anticipated to rise further.

Morgues and hospitals in New York City, the new hotspot of the U.S. pandemic, bent under strain Thursday, struggling to treat or bury casualties, as New York state’s Governor Andrew Cuomo gave a grim prediction the rest of the nation would soon face the same distress.

Employees at one medical center in Brooklyn had been seen disposing of their gowns and caps and other protecting wear in a sidewalk trash can after wheeling bodies out of the hospital and loading them into a refrigerated truck.