France’s Sanofi Can Produce Millions of Doses of Potential COVID-19 Drug: CEO

Sanofi will be able to provide millions of doses of hydroxychloroquine for sufferers with the sickness caused by the novel coronavirus if the old malaria drug proves successful in clinical trials, its CEO said Thursday.

Paul Hudson, who became chief of the French drug producer in September, mentioned in an interview that the corporate is presently manufacturing at over 93% capability through the pandemic.

France’s Sanofi Can Produce Millions of Doses of Potential COVID-19 Drug: CEO

He stated the company had made a choice to “overproduce” its medication to ensure supplies for hospitals in Europe and the U.S. dealing with an unprecedented crush of sufferers suffering from respiratory problems that are threatening to overwhelm healthcare systems.

Hospital officials and doctors from nine European nations, in an open letter on Wednesday, stated they solely had as much as two weeks worth of some medicines utilized in intensive care units and urged larger European collaboration.

European Union nations can have access to the drugs they need, the bloc’s industry chief Thierry Breton stated Thursday in an attempt to reassure the public. Hudson stated Sanofi was not at full production capacity as a result of workers with coronavirus symptoms akin to fever, and any employee who had been in close contact with them, are sent home for two weeks.

The corporate started manufacturing as much hydroxychloroquine as it could in February after Chinese data suggested the malaria drug may help some patients with COVID-19.

Sanofi sells the drug, which has been in use since the Fifties, under the brand Plaquenil in some nations.