Experts Say COVID-19 Lockdown Affecting Workers Psychological Health Across US

The coronavirus pandemic has impacted almost every facet of today’s work environment, with thousands of staff finding themselves all of the sudden working remotely, often in hastily set-up home offices, and others involved that continuing to report to work could put their own well-being at risk.

Experts Say COVID-19 Lockdown Affecting Workers Psychological Health Across US

Increasingly workers are dealing with stress, anxiety and isolation, and in the weeks or months ahead, this may take a toll.

To assist, many companies are relying on their employee assistance programs to offer guidelines on daily routines and check-ins and juggle work and childcare — all while maintaining good health and exercise habits. But for some employees, this support is not sufficient.

Experts say that the pandemic — and its aftermath — are nonetheless in the early days, and the wants of employees will likely change over time.

On Sunday, health authorities cautioned this week could resemble a “Pearl Harbor moment” as the U.S. death count creeps toward 10,000 and hospitals gird for an influx of newly infected sufferers.

Supporting employees with psychological health services just isn’t only an ethical obligation for employers; it’s a backside-line problem. Over 60% of staff say their mental well being affects their productivity, in response to a survey by Mind Share Partners, a nonprofit that works with firms to enhance mental health resources.

Last year, the World Health Organization (WHO) noted that depression and anxiety price the global economy $1 trillion per year in misplaced productivity.