Alabama Healthcare Tech Firm CPSI Offering Free Access to Doctors

Mobile-based healthcare technology firm CPSI has a brand new telemedicine platform that it’s offering to doctors for free by the end of the year, in response to the coronavirus epidemic.

Alabama Healthcare Tech Firm CPSI Offering Free Access to Doctors

CPSI, one of the Mobile space’s largest private-sector firms, was founded in 1979. Its core business has been offering information technology programs and support to rural hospitals and other healthcare establishments, helping them handle digital health data and administrative functions.

The corporate says its new Talk with Your Doc service, primarily built by its Get Real Health grant, is a telecommunications solution that may replace face-to-face visits between doctors and patients.

Based on CPSI, it further “acts as a monitoring device, permitting doctors to obtain alerts when sufferers update medical information, add data from medical units, complete surveys, and more.

Speaking about the service in a YouTube presentation, CPSI Chief Growth Officer (CGO) David Dye stated there are two methods the platform may be significantly relevant throughout the current epidemic: It will possibly make it easier for doctors to securely screen sufferers worried they could have COVID-19, and it can assist sufferers with chronic situations to receive consultation without having to go to facilities the place they could be exposed to a higher threat of infection.