Customer Health Startup Hims Launches Group Therapy Services Amid COVID-19 Crisis

Hims a customer health brand providing out-of-pocket physician services online, has launched group therapy providers through its Hims and Hers manufacturers as a part of a preliminary push into psychological health services.

Customer Health Startup Hims Launches Group Therapy Services Amid COVID-19 Crisis

The startup first began exploring opportunities to expand into the mental health category some eight months before and increased its pace to respond to increased consumer demand brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Mental health and wellness has become an enormous enterprise opportunity for consumer startups as the stigma around searching for treatment for mental well-being issues has abated.

For Hims, which built its brand across the destigmatization of disorders like erectile dysfunction and sexual health and wellness, the extension into psychological health made sense, based on founder and chief government, Andrew Dudum.

Hims and Hers are starting their foray into mental wellness with anonymized group remedy and meditation sessions that won’t have the same challenges to providing therapy that the corporate would have for individual remedy or text-based classes.

Government laws at the federal and state level require psychological health clinicians to be licensed in-state, which signifies that the corporate is limited in the sorts of services it may possibly offer before it launches its network.

Currently, the corporation has about a dozen mental well-being practitioners that it’s working with through Regroup Telehealth, one of the largest providers of telepsychiatry services in the nation.