Wuhan Lockdown Ends but Heilongjiang Begins as Domestic

The Chinese metropolis where the COVID-19 epidemic first broke out, Wuhan, ended a two-month lockdown Wednesday; however, a northern city began limiting the movement of its residents amid concerns of the second wave of infections in mainland China.

Wuhan Lockdown Ends but Heilongjiang Begins as Domestic

China sealed off Wuhan, a city of 11 million people, in late January to cease the slow of the virus. Over 50,000 individuals in Wuhan caught the virus, and over 2,500 of them died, about 80% of all deaths in China, based on official figures.

Restrictions have eased in recent days as the capital of Hubei province noticed just three new confirmed cases in the last 21 days and only two new infections in the past fortnight.

However, even as individuals depart the city, new imported cases in the northern region of Heilongjiang jumped to a daily high of 25, fuelled by a continued influx of infected travelers coming from Russia, which shares a land border with the city.

Suifenhe City in Heilongjiang restricted the motion of its residents on Wednesday in a similar trend to that of Wuhan.

Residents should remain in their residential compounds and one particular person from a family can leave as soon as every three days to buy essentials and must return on the same day.