Peoria Governor Takes Mental Health Services Online Amid COVID-19 Outbreak

Mental health was a significant focus from Governor JB Pritzker’s administration this weekend after he introduced psychological health professionals can now use telehealth to meet with sufferers.

Peoria Governor Takes Mental Health Services Online Amid COVID-19 Outbreak

Licensed scientific, social worker, Nikki Burk, gives counseling services in Junction City. She says as the pandemic has progressed, she has seen a rise in business.

Burk says some sufferers have been skeptical utilizing telehealth, but she’s reassuring clients their info is always protected.

“Your psychological health clinician will use a platform that’s hippa-compliant, which implies that it is confidential. It’s only a means that you meet with your client in their house, which is completely different because normally they come to our clinic, but they still get their full hour and we talk about what’s going on and how they’re dealing with issues,” stated Burk.

Governor Pritzker’s new ‘Call4Calm’ initiative allows people to text a private hotline keyword like “talk”. In 24 hours, a counselor will replies.

There may also be an option for pandemic well-being workers to remotely check in on you and drop off health supplies.

Burk says telehealth makes it simple to meet with folks, and she has been able to see more clients throughout the week. Burk added she understands it’s difficult; however, the best thing for psychological health during the COVID-19 pandemic, is to stay optimistic.

Clients can text “talk” to 552020 to speak with a psychological health expert. It will be anonymous, and their health information will remain protected.