China Approves Testing Early-stage Vaccine on Humans

China has permitted early-stage human tests for two experimental vaccines to fight the novel coronavirus because it battles to contain imported cases, particularly from neighboring Russia, the brand new “front line” in the warfare on COVID-19.

China Approves Testing Early-stage Vaccine on Humans

Russia has become China’s largest source of imported cases, with a total of 409 infections originating in the nation, and Chinese residents should stay put and not return home.

China’s northeastern border province of Heilongjiang saw 79 new cases of imported coronavirus infections on Monday. All the new cases had been Chinese residents traveling back into the nation from Russia, state media. They formed the majority of new cases on the Chinese mainland, which stood at 89.

Heilongjiang’s provincial authority said Tuesday that it had set up a hotline to reward residents for reporting illegal immigrants crossing into the province.

According to a notice, individuals supplying verified information about illegal cross-border crimes shall be granted 3,000 yuan. Those who apprehend the illegal immigrants themselves and hand them over to the authorities will be given 5,000 yuan.

As of Tuesday, China had registered 82,249 coronavirus circumstances and 3,341 deaths. There had been no deaths in the past 24 hours.

Mongolia’s health ministry further confirmed 13 new cases Tuesday, all imported from Russia.