Los Angeles Based Frame Launches Mental Health Service Amid COVID-19 Outbreak

Frame, a startup aiming to be the country’s gateway into the world of therapy and mental wellness, looks as if a tailor-made story of American entrepreneurial success.

Los Angeles Based Frame Launches Mental Health Service Amid COVID-19 Outbreak

Its co-founders, Kendall Bird and Sage Grazer ran their first enterprise in the Pacific Palisades neighborhood of Los Angeles years ago, selling out their entire inventory of lemonade to captive viewers of keen parents.

Years later, after Grazer graduated from NYU and embarked on a career as a therapist, and Chook, a longtime proponent of remedy since her teens, had moved on to a job at the LA-based social media titan, Snap, the two reunited.

Frame was started from their shared belief that therapy was a tool that might be harnessed by every American for self-improvement and self-care and that providing a window into the breadth of problems that remedy may address can be a way to popularize the process.

Frame aims to do both. Like SonderMind, another startup that raised a pile of cash recently, the corporate provides services matching therapists with patients on the front-end and offering a billing and telemedicine solution for psychological health practitioners on the back-end.

Nevertheless, it has another component — a recorded workshop between a therapist and a patient or a tutorial, for instance, the kinds of services that a patient might receive from therapy or clarify what different situations may be. These discussions and lessons — which the corporate emphasizes are not therapy classes — are meant to frame how potential customers might view the types of issues they could discuss with their therapists.