New York Posts Staggering Increase in COVID-19 Deaths

New York, the worst-affected U.S. city in the coronavirus pandemic, revised its official COVID-19 death toll sharply higher to over 10,000 Tuesday, to include victims presumed to have died from the lung disease but never examined.

New York Posts Staggering Increase in COVID-19 Deaths

The new cumulative figure for “confirmed and possible COVID-19 deaths” released by the New York Health Division highlighted a staggering increase of over 3,700 deaths formally attributed to the extremely contagious illness since March 11.

The 60% spike in registered deaths marked the enormous losses endured in the country’s most populated city, where the sounds of sirens have echoed every minute through largely empty streets for weeks.

The city’s revised tally, 10,367 in all, raised the number of coronavirus deaths nationwide to over 28,300 – New York accounting for the greatest share of deaths.

With a tiny fraction of the U.S. population tested for coronavirus, the number of known cases mounted to over 600,000 as of Tuesday.

U.S. public health authorities have attributed deaths to COVID-19, the respiratory disease attributable to the novel coronavirus when sufferers tested positive for the virus.

March 11 was considered as the starting point because that was the date of the first confirmed coronavirus death.

The new approach in New York may pave the way for similar policies throughout the nation, possibly resulting in a surge in reported U.S. coronavirus mortality.