U.S. Decides to Cut WHO Funding as COVID-19 Deaths Mount

U.S. President Trump Tuesday stopped funding to the World Health Organization over its handling of the coronavirus pandemic, drawing condemnation from infectious disease consultants as the worldwide death continued to mount.

U.S. Decides to Cut WHO Funding as COVID-19 Deaths Mount

Trump, who has responded angrily to criticism of his administration’s response to the worst epidemic in the last 100 years, has become more and more hostile towards the WHO.

Almost 2 million people worldwide have been infected and over 124,000 have died since the illness emerged in China late last year, based on a tally.

The U.S. is the biggest overall donor to the WHO, contributing over $400 million last year, approximately 15% of its budget.

Australian PM Scott Morrison stated he sympathized with Trump’s criticisms of the WHO, especially its “unfathomable” support of re-opening China’s “wet markets”, the place freshly slaughtered animals are sold and where the coronavirus first appeared in the city of Wuhan in late December.

Over 2,200 died in the U.S. alone Tuesday, a record count based on a tally, even as the nation debated reopen its economy.

New York Metropolis, the U.S. city hardest hit by the pandemic, revised its demise toll sharply as much as more than 10,000 on Tuesday, to include victims presumed to have died from the lung disease but never tested.