Northwest China Reports More Imported Coronavirus Cases

A northwestern Chinese region on the frontline of the fight against coronavirus reported on Tuesday its first infections in practically three weeks, all involving travelers from abroad, as imported infections in the rest of China began to ease.

Northwest China Reports More Imported Coronavirus Cases

Shaanxi region ported 21 new infections from abroad in addition to seven cases with no clinical symptoms, all of whom had been travelers on a commercial flight from Moscow bound for the Chinese capital of Beijing.

Because of a ban on international flights arriving at Beijing, the Air China jet landed Monday in Xian, the capital of Shaanxi, where the virus was detected by medical staff conducting assessments at the airport, and cases had been confirmed Tuesday.

New imported infections in mainland China dropped to four infections Monday, the Nationwide Health Commission (NHC) stated, the lowest since March 12, after Chinese authorities cut international flights and severely restricted arrivals of foreigners.

Regardless of the constraints, the arrival of imported cases has proved difficult to foretell, though, in the last 14 days, Chinese residents returning home from or through Russia have accounted for the majority of the cases.