WHO Says Lifting, Easing of Lockdown Must be Gradual

The World Health Organization alerted Tuesday that any lifting of constraints to contain the spread of the novel coronavirus has to be gradual, and if restrictions had been to be eased too soon, there would be a resurgence of new cases.

WHO Says Lifting, Easing of Lockdown Must be Gradual

Lockdown measures have proved effective, and people have to be ready for a new way of life to permit society to function while the coronavirus is being kept in check, stated Takeshi Kasai, WHO Regional Director for the Western Pacific.

People should adapt their lives and health systems along with the epidemic, Kasai told an online press conference.

Governments considering lifting lockdown measures ought to do so rigorously and in stages, and proceed to track the epidemic scenario, he stated. As long as the coronavirus is circulating, no nation is safe from a potentially overwhelming pandemic, he stated.

While the Western Pacific has, in recent weeks, been less hard stuck by the epidemic than the U.S. or Europe, there was a rise in circumstances in Japan and Singapore, among different nations.

Kasai further notified that the epidemic should not disrupt vaccination programs towards other ailments like polio, measles and rubella. Otherwise, the Western Pacific could face a new crisis when health systems are already weighed by the existing one, he mentioned.