AWS, Cerner Collaborate on Making COVID-19 Data Available to Researchers

Healthcare technology firm Cerner and Amazon Web Services are joining in supplying access to de-identified affected person data to researchers fighting the COVID-19 pandemic.

AWS, Cerner Collaborate on Making COVID-19 Data Available to Researchers

Stored on Cerner’s HealtheDataLab platform, which is hosted on AWS, the de-recognized patient information will provide healthcare researchers a slew of COVID-19-related demographics to assist in tracking the spread and surge.

The data units may even embody lab results, underlying diseases and chronic conditions, and medical complications, amongst other statistics. An advisory committee will choose recipients of the free offer.

By integrating and utilizing different types of clinical, patient, social determinant, and other open-source information, researchers can construct clever models, which might, in theory, anticipate patient outcomes or help improve predictive analytics.

Cerner recently joined the record of a number of healthcare consortiums and technology firms that are collaborating on EHR-powered COVID-19 databases using de-recognized patient data.

In the meantime, Cleveland Clinic also introduced it would dive into the EHRs of COVID-19 sufferers and use analytics to expedite analysis to find optimum treatment approaches, with the hope of uncovering the scientific mechanisms of how SARS-CoV-2 and different pathogens trigger illness.

The current Cerner project builds off of experience the company gained piloting a program with Duke Clinical Research Institute that automated data assortment from multiple sources, along with EHRs.