Gilead Remdesivir Testing Results Show Hopes for COVID-19 Treatment

The top U.S. infectious disease official stated Gilead Sciences’ experimental antiviral drug remdesivir would become the standard of care for COVID-19 after early clinical trial results Wednesday showed it helped sufferers get better more rapidly from the illness brought on by the coronavirus.

Gilead Remdesivir Testing Results Show Hopes for COVID-19 Treatment

Preliminary results from a U.S. government trial exhibiting that sufferers given remdesivir recovered 31% faster than these given a placebo, were lauded by Dr. Anthony Fauci as extremely significant.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) stated it has been talking with Gilead about making remdesivir available to sufferers as quickly as possible, but the company declined to comment on any plans to grant the drug regulatory clearance.

The closely watched drug, given by intravenous infusion to hospitalized sufferers, has moved markets in the past few weeks following the release of data from studies that painted a mixed image of its effectiveness, and Fauci cautioned that the latest data still needs to be analyzed.

Gilead’s stocks surged over 5% Wednesday to close at $83.14 and are up 27% so far this year.

Interest in remdesivir has been high as there aren’t any accepted remedies or preventive vaccines for COVID-19, and doctors are desperate for anything that might alter the course of the illness that attacks the lungs and can shut down other organs in extreme cases.