Facebook, Youtube Deletes Viral Plandemic Video on Coronavirus

Facebook and YouTube, stated Thursday that they had been removing a video that made medically unsubstantiated claims relating to the novel coronavirus pandemic.

Facebook, Youtube Deletes Viral Plandemic Video on Coronavirus

The 26-minute video dubbed Pandemic went viral this week throughout social media platforms. It features Judy Mikovits, an activist amongst individuals who contend that many common vaccines are dangerous.

Mikovits says in the video that carrying masks activates the coronavirus inside people, without offering proof, and dismiss orders to stay away from beaches.

Mikovits couldn’t be reached for comment, while producers of the video didn’t instantly respond to requests for remark.

In the video, Mikovits also contends the coronavirus as a conspiracy among people attempting to benefit from vaccines and raises concerns about vaccines. She says anyone who was ever diagnosed with common flu vaccine had a coronavirus injected into them, without offering substantiation.

COVID-19, the illness caused by the coronavirus, emerged in late 2019, and there’s no known vaccine and or remedy for it. Vaccines are available for seasonal flu, which is attributable to a separate virus.

YouTube stated it was working to keep the video off its service in accordance with its guidelines against “content that features medically unsubstantiated diagnostic advice” about the coronavirus and the related respiratory sickness COVID-19.