is solely owned by Cushman Tech Pvt Ltd based in Ithaca, New York. The only-health publication was revealed in March 2010 by two Ph.D. scholars driven by the void in only-health news made for informed and educated readers.

The initial concept behind the Ithaca Daily was to cover biotechnology, healthcare, and drugs. While maintaining the focus, we have extended our news coverage to other relevant scientific and medical fields. We filled the gap and created a different niche in daily medical reporting. Today, it is a comprehensive medical news portal for all major research developments. In 2012, Cushman Tech Pvt. Ltd. acquired Ithaca Daily, allowing a great idea to become extravagant. has now become a leading web-based medical and healthcare news provider that covers a range of topics. These include material science, earth science, medicine, biochem, healthcare, biology, healthcare IT, and medical developments.

With a sophisticated connection and target audience, reports go past mere catchy gibberish. Our task is to find the exciting medical events, tap the details, and give readers their daily dose of news at a single domain.