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WHO Launches Probe in Singapore Business Meeting Associated with Foreign Coronavirus Spread

At least three employees of a multinational firm that held a meeting of over 100 worldwide staff in Singapore have contracted the new coronavirus, triggering a WHO probe of the case.

WHO Launches Probe in Singapore Business Meeting Associated with Foreign Coronavirus Spread

South Korea and Malaysia have confirmed three cases of the virus related to the mid-January firm meeting held with 94 overseas staff at the Grand Hyatt hotel, and Singapore stated late Wednesday four other attendees had been showing signs.

Authorities haven’t unveiled the name of the company that held the meeting or stated what business it’s involved in.

Malaysian health agencies have stated people from China, including one from the city of Wuhan, where the virus first appeared in December, attended.

Singapore has recorded 28 instances of the coronavirus, including some involving person-to-person transmission.

The cases related to the Singapore business meeting present more evidence the virus is spreading through human-to-human contact outside China, which the WHO has stated is deeply concerning and will sign a much extensive epidemic.

China reported its biggest day by day leap in fatalities from Coronavirus on Thursday, up 73 to 563, although there have been just two reported deaths outside mainland China.

Malaysian health government revealed the link to the Singapore business meeting when they confirmed the case of a 41-year-old Malaysian who had attended it.

South Korea subsequently confirmed two cases involving South Korean who attended the meeting.

Among 15 Singapore attendees, four have been referred to its National Centre for Infectious Diseases, Singapore’s health ministry stated.

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